Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Please take a moment to watch this awe-inspiring video....


  1. Hello Irina:
    We did watch the video and it was indeed inspiring. It is absolutely true that others may be kind or cruel but how one sees oneself is so significant to what one can achieve in life. And, what is so important is that significant other person who can give the support and encouragement to overcome the barriers that one faces.

  2. Irina,you always have the best images. I LOVE LOVE the fist image...it is all how we see ourselves!

    I hope you have a great week! Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts!


  3. Oh Irina that first image is just perfect...how one sees themselves can say so much....lovely post...Wishing you a beautiful day...Dzintra xoxo

  4. Dear Irina
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring video. It reminds us all what you can accomplish when you truly believe in yourself.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  5. It only takes ONE.

    Then hard work, falling down, and getting back up. Simple.

    Wow, do we ALL need to see this. I am determined. How about you my dear one?

    ThANK YOU for this wonderful message. Now, I must RUN!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE THINKING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY LONG! Anita

  6. Oh Irina, this was such a beautiful post! Sure makes my excuses for not exercising seem lame. Thank you for this inspiring post. laurie

  7. Hi Irina,
    I often see myself as my former self, and am sometimes taken aback when I don't see that self looking back from the mirror. (horrors!) But I am happy with myself and believe that you become what you project.
    I agree, there is no shame in falling, as long as you keep getting up.
    Great post.

  8. Lovely video and quotes :)

  9. lovely and inspiring as ever. the message at the top particularly means a lot to me today :)
    i created a fresh new blog recently! i can't use my real name online and so am using my maternal grandmothers name 'dorothy' she was an artistic soul and it feels right for my blog and me.

    my warmest wishes to you, may you have an enchanting weekend xxx

    much love

    dorothy ❤



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