Sunday, May 13, 2012


  1. Hello Irina:
    Such wonderful images. Perfectly lovely.

    And we wish you bluebirds and love!!

  2. dearest lady
    i just left a reply to the lovely comment you left on my blog. so happy i was to see you there :)
    this is such a tender post, and the music! i could listen to it all day. you find the most wonderful and inspiring quotes and bring such beauty into our days, i don't know where we would be without your beautiful posts. my day is better for them i know :)

    much love and warmest hugs and many, many kisses from all the kitties =^.^= and our lovely peace girl, lily florence xxx

  3. OH DEAR, that sheep and her lamb....I am going off to cry.


  4. Oh such a gentle post my dearest.

    AND YOU WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE PARIS PARTY??????????? YES, it was just that long ago that I remember you barely coming on board blogging!!! LET'S PARTY IN PARIS!!!!! Anita

  5. Such a sweet sweet post...I love your images. You and Anita always find the best ones!
    Happy week to you my friend.
    Oh I was going to ask you if you teach with Anita?

  6. So, so lovely Irina! Hope your weekend is a lovely and sunny one! Am in the garden working - such a wild garden we have! xx

  7. i feel soooooo excited reagarding Anita's party :)

    thank you for your kind healing wishes for dear lily, i know she will appreciate them.
    the vet thinks she will begin to feel better in a day or two and in the meantime
    we are giving her lots of hugs and nice treats.
    we had a fright over my daughter's hamster 'pom pom' this afternoon. pom pom lives in a big wooden house with perspex fronting on a shelf in my daughter's bedroom. today she left the room without closing the door properly and one our cats got in and knocked the house down. not only did it fall from a height, but it is big and heavy with lots of big and heavy wooden climbing frames and things inside it. it landed upside down and i was sure that pom pom would have be killed, being such a tiny little creature. but somehow she survived the accident, thank goodness. i was so shaken up that my poor daughter got quite a lecture on being more responsible for her pet, even though she was shaken up herself.
    following all these dramas i have decided to get an early night and will be going to bed with a warm drink very soon.
    many thanks again to you for being so sweet and thoughtful xxx

    wishing you a lovely evening xxx

  8. Hello my dear friend! How are you? I hope that you had a good week and are feeling better.

    Do make the reeses rice krispie treats, they are so good!!!! I felt like eathing the entire pan. I think you will like them.

    I have many, many recipes with peanut butter and chocolate if you need some more.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo Elizabeth



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