Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charles Edward Perugini



  1. ahhhhhh.....i very much agree with these sentiments :)
    isn't that little froggy just wonderful?! he looks as realaxed as can be and very happy that way too. now that is a frog i could kiss x

    thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us ❤

    wishing you love, peace and pleasant langour xx

  2. My precious one....I love this frog...he is RIGHT to lay back and let the warmth of friends and sunshine embrace his little body!!!

    BEAUTIFUL WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT on this fine day! Isn't it just beautiful?

    LOVE !! Anita

  3. I thoroughly agree is paramount however and wherever it is taken, especially so when the body is really needing it...Often we don't take any notice and soldier on regardless and dream of rest! A lovely reminder to stop and rest..along with the music you have chosen...Have a beautiful Dzintra xo

  4. Hello dear friend,

    I hope you are having a relaxing weekend.Life sometimes gets so busy that we forget to slow down and take it easy.

    Enjoy your family, enjoy your weekend.

    I hope you tried the chocolate peanut butter treats.

    thank you for coming to visit and for your more than kind words.

    xox Elizabeth

  5. My favourite way to pass the time ............ :)

  6. Hello Irina:
    Today has been just one of these beautifully lazy days. In our case it was largely spent on a café terrace simply sitting and staring. But, as you so wisely quote, this is never a waste of time!

    Hoping that you too have enjoyed a lazy and happy weekend!!

  7. Oh how I love this painting.. Perugini is one of my favorite artists of the Victorian era.
    This painting says it all. John Lubbock's words describe it perfectly!
    Beautiful post dear Irina..
    Blessings, Penny
    p.s. Love the frog!

  8. Dear Irina
    Such beautiful music... What a joy it was to see your note. Thank you so much.
    Yes, Perugini was such a talented painter.
    Blessings, Penny

  9. Irina, I am looking
    SO forward to doing
    just that!! Summer reading,
    whether outside in nature
    or inside with frosty air-conditioning,
    is a treat that takes me back
    to my elementary days!

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

  10. Irena, Thanks for visiting Zendoll, and what a treat to meet you and your three blogs! Witty and Wise is wonderfully inspirational, and I look forward to visiting the rest..... I'm savouring my new discoveries. xo

  11. Rest idle? Never. I'd say priceless. :)
    Oh Irina, I aboslutely love the picture of that frog. It is priceless. :)
    I'm catching up visiting bloggy friends today, so I'm off to your other lovely pages.

  12. Hello dear friend! Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend.

    I hope all is well and thT the end of the year school exams went well for your daughter.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  13. teeeheee....I love that frog!!!!

    Irina my dear, it is always a treat to see you come to visit my posts. I am very excited to see how everyone is going to add to the Paris theme on June 8! Ahhh, isn't ROME a great layover? We will be flying over France next week to get a bird's eye view of our anticipation. Looking forward to HEARING your voice today!! BISOUS, Anita

  14. smiling...i love the frog. :-)



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