Sunday, February 26, 2012


  1. I believe I can now go out there in the unnatural setting of stress BECAUSE I KNOW that nature, just by looking at photos of it, always gives me a huge smile....AND THOSE BUNNIES and MANATEE??????? DELIGHTFUL! In fact, next to dolphins, manatees are my FAVORITE SEA CREATURES! Oh dearest, you always seem to know what I like. Water, creatures, BUNNIES with branches in their mouths! Last summer, there was a long and thin branch on the ground in the backyard. Well, one of our bunnies came and had herself a feast. THAT RABBIT ate the whole BRANCHE! LEAVES AND ALL! I never knew they are trees!!!!!

    FUN. May your week be filled with IDEAS and producing them. BACK LATER!!! Anita

  2. Nature's creations are beautiful. The rabbit, rivers, trees, birds and the list is unending; are all displayed through your images.
    God has created so much for us to enjoy during our worldly voyage, yet we are not doing enough to please the Almighty.
    Instead, we are involved in our selfish agendas where selfishness prevails to please the SATAN.

  3. Irina, you always have a feast for the senses! I love the little bunnies and the manatee! So cute.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for coming to visit me!

    I have tagged you my dear, come to see me tomorrow and see what that means. I will say in advance if you are too busy than do not worry about awnswering the questions. I do know that many of us would love to know more about you!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Dear Irina, I am always drawn to little bunnies...except when they are in my potager!! They really did a number on my veggies last year!!! I really prefer to see them in pictures, until that Day when the Lion will lay down with the Lamb, and the Bunnies won't eat my Lettuce! ThanK you so much for your Always Sweet visits this week. Did Anita tell you what I emailed her? It would be fun...

  5. I so agree with, Muir. There is nothing as restoring as a walk in nature. It takes us outside of ourselves, and reminds us that there is so much more then the small space we occupy. Gorgeous photos!


  6. Gorgeous selections! I love all of them especially the last one ;)


  7. Oh my goodness...I am soooo loving all these beautiful images...and that quote is to copy it down. I may have to borrow it.
    Happy March 1st to you. xoxox

  8. WoW. This is great. Anita and I love manatees and bunnies and... There is something truly marvelous, even spiritual, I feel when, in certain arrested and lingering moments, I "encounter" creatures like this. A swan caring for its young. A trusting manatee coming up to a human. A bunny trying to survive as best it can when everything wants to eat it ("you of a thousand enemies," said Richard Adams).
    This was a great way to start my Sunday morning. Encountering something of the divine.

    P.S. Those macaroons were simply delicious.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Dear Irina
    Your post has taken my breath away... This truly is heaven on earth... Thank you so much for sharing nature and all it's beauty..

    Thank you so much for visiting.. Oh my! Your words fill my heart with joy! I still hit little bumps in the road while needle felting, but hope to improve with time.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend
    Love and blessings,



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