Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  1. Hello my friend!

    This is magical and such an inspiring message..

    I love the image of the fairy dipping her toe in the pond!

    How are you? Are you having a great week?

    Take care, xoxo Elizabeth

  2. That's the deal...we were mean to


    Oh how I love this IDEA and then when we actually have a moment of SPARKLE, it really does make a difference in the day of others. WONDERFUL DEAREST! Anita

  3. Dear sweet Irina...how beautiful and stunning...I can see you you and dear Anita are quite similar...Wishing you a Light filled day xoxo

  4. So magical Irina, love this post and the love you bring in to it! Have a happy wdnesday!

  5. LOVE AND LIGHT are YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is always a blessing to see your visit, kind words and spirit flow to me my dear friend.

    SEE YOU SOON? Anita

  6. Your comments to me are like a fresh spring shower....your friendship is like a garden in full bloom and being able to SEE YOU weekly is a dream come true. Thank you for your kind words and I LOVE ALBERT CAMUS...he said some fabulous THINGS and that spring quote is one of my favorites...how true, isn't it?

    LOVE YOU! Anita

  7. So true my dear friend. xoxoxo Happy weekend

  8. What a lovely post...such gorgeous photos.
    I saw your comment on Anita's blog and it brought tears to MY eyes. How wonderful would it be for the three of us to see each other??? We MUST make this happen, someway, somehow...
    I am still on cloud 9 after reading Anita's beautiful post. It is amazing to me how we are all brought together in this world. It is never "by chance". I am certain of that. We are all blessed beyond words to know this creative, amazing woman.
    Let's make it a priority to find a way to see each other this year. I say that you and Anita need to make a road trip to NJ!!!!!! LOL
    Oh my goodness...can you imagine the fun we'd have???
    The wheels are spinning now... :) :)
    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. xoxo

  9. Hello dearest Irina,
    Thank you so much for your visit, kind words and most of all your friendship.

    I am just trying to catch up before I go out to rehearsals, and wanted to say hello. I hope you are keeping well as I know how busy you are too.

    I have been losing my way a bit during these past weeks. Your post has given me a lift.... thank you my dear friend.

    I hope you have a restful weekend.
    Love and hugs,
    Abby and Spotty xx

  10. hello sweet friend

    thank you so much for your visit and kind message
    your post is beautiful, as always
    you bring a very lovely luminosity into our world that is for sure ❤

    warmest hugs xxx


  11. it was pretty amazing...
    that beauty video...
    and the way the artist
    captured those letters
    with such grace...so
    glad you enjoyed it!
    happy, saturday dreaming
    my friend!



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