Sunday, November 27, 2011


  1. The cat needs prescription glasses, and the dog has innocence on his face while the child is more than happy and laughing out loud.

  2. What a smile I have on my face from the joy of that totally adorable laughing boy, and that cute dachshund...if I ever get another that is the kind I want.

    I hope your weekend was fabulous! Have a wonderful week!!

    Xoxo elizabeth

  3. Dearest Irina
    These pictures have made me very happy indeed!

    I hope your week is full of happiness...
    Love, Abby and Spotty xx

  4. AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH?????????

    I remember reading this poet at the U....I loved his name, for that was my GRANDFATHER'S NAME!!!! Guillermo Apollinario, the Spanish version!!!!!

    Oh how I needed to see this quote and faces today!!! HAPPY DAY TO YOU DEAREST ONE! Anita

  5. Good evening precious friend,

    I so miss you. Here we live in the same place and yet it is so difficult to see each other....thank you for visiting tonight...Anita

  6. Joy...I so love the last image...I think I need to save that one...where did you find it my dear...xoxox You made my day...hugs.

  7. Bonjour and Merci! Thank you for the follow. And thanks so much for this happy post! Have a gorgeous new week ~ Au Revoir!

  8. I love this quote! It's so very true. We need to spend more time in our happy place.

    I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving.


  9. Thanks for your sweet and uplifting comment!! I love the message true how often are we stuck in that tunnel vision to get "somewhere" and we forget to enjoy the travels along the way. I know I am guilty.....I am going to try to allow today to be a day to pause and enjoy the little things and not fret about whats coming. Great message!

  10. Goodmorning Irina!Such lovely comments from you always my friend.So nice to see you.Wishing you a lovely weekend.Blessings and hugs!

  11. Hello Irina, found you through Becky's Chitty Chat Cat.
    I LOVE your introduction and I am a lover of words so I can see myself lingering here a lot. Hope you don't mind, oh, and I've been known to grab one too many quotes. ;) I love quotes and keep a journal of them for my children who are now young adults and are barely beginning to appreciate them.
    I am a very free spirit so I can appreciate the passion behind your words.
    I look forward to visiting.
    PS-LOVE those faces.

  12. Hello my friend!

    I am sorry that you are so busy...everything ok? Hopefully in a good way.

    Can you send me your home address on my email I want to send you a post card from my trip.

    Take care of yourself, xoxo elizabeth



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