Saturday, December 3, 2011

images: Pinterest, Josephine Wall


  1. YES MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE!

    Oh my goodness, that is ME with those rabbits, MOI, I tell you!!!

    I know that whenever I come here, I can find the perfect word or image that sets me soaring. DREAM DARLIN', and PLAN.

    LOVE YOU! Anita

  2. Oh dearest Irina, your blog has pixie dust sprinkled all over it!! And this is another magical post!! If only I was a fairy, I would fly over to see you and Anita and we would have a wonderful time!
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Sending the warmest of wishes to you...
    Love, Abby and Spotty xx

  3. Hello dear Irina...Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust...what a lovely World that would be...awesome!!! Thank you for popping in and visiting....I've been so tied up with the theatre this past week...Have a wonderful week, Dzintra xo

  4. Am a bif fan of fairies and believe that they are dancing in our garden some nights! Have a sparkly monday!

  5. hello Irena thankyou for following Yes I like all things French too My travel diary started on 253 when i returned .I love all you fairies and animals its good to wander off into a different world sometimes

  6. Hello my friend,

    I am back! What a wonderful post to return to! I so believe in fairies and pixies...I love to imagine them visiting my garden at night.

    Paris was fabulous, the weather was about 10-15 degrees above normal. There were leaves on the trees on the ground. It did rain a part if everyday and it was definitely winter, had to wear a down jcoat. Last year it snowed every day.

    I hope you have s fabulous weekend! I hope you receive your post card.

    Xoxo elizabeth

  7. Hello lovely Irina, I was thrilled to see your name pop up on my page today. You certainly stand out among a crowd, my dear. :)
    I stopped by before but had to rush and I like to leave comments that aren't rushed. Your pictures and words are as perfect as usual. Sigh...the Peter Pan quote is priceless. I am taking an extra helping of faith with me. Hope you don't mind me being so greedy. ;)
    Have a dreamy weekend, my friend.
    Much love!



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