Tuesday, November 22, 2011


  1. Dearest Irina
    It has been a glorious sunny autumn day here today. I went on a riverside walk within the estate of a magnificent National Trust property... today has indeed been beautiful.
    A lovely post and wonderful pictures Irina.
    I hope you are keeping well, and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs and Spotty kisses,
    Abby xx

  2. Ahhhh....dear Abby and Spotty came...aren't they the sweetest pair? And you my dear, you are the best friend ever. EVER! Thank you for the lovely reminder that what we have is what we have been allotted in life, and might as well make the MOST of it, daily...now off to try to do that..see you later, Anita

  3. Oh, dear Irina!!!! I ditto Anita!! [ I always seem to get to where I'm going right after her!!! haha!] yes, today is beautiful, despite the rain. I spent all night in the ER with my daughter , as she passed a kidney stone. Such intense pain!! But now we are home and can start to cook and clean for tomorrow. After what I saw last night , even cleaning the toilet seems like a joy and privilege today!!!
    Have a loving and blessed Thanksgiving, sweet friend!!

  4. xoxoxox Happy Thanksgiving dear one.

  5. Dear Irina
    I ditto Anita and Dawne! Such a beautiful post. I love the heart in the tree trunk.. Nature is beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting again.. YES! You had left a comment.. When I hit the button it went POOF! Out into blogland.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one.

  6. Lovely inspiration for a brandnew day! Let's make today special! Happy sunday to you :)

  7. your posts make me feel so good ❤
    such beautiful words and images here. the picture of the sweet couple playing in the park has made me smile :)
    thank you for your visits and lovely words dear Irina, i feel so blessed to have met you in this magical land xxx

    wishing you a beautiful sunday

    with love ❤


  8. ❤ warmest thanksgiving wishes to you too ❤



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