Saturday, April 19, 2014


  1. Hello Irina,

    What fabulous images these are. Iris is definitely a role model for one of us....if not both of us!

    What is so important as we see it is that she has her own very individual style and is unafraid to show it to the world. Far too often we are influenced by others and often through the media to conform to some standard or another. To be truly happy one needs to find one's own way and keep to it. This does then give inspiration to others to do the same.

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

  2. And what I love is that happiness comes in all colors, textures, sizes and styles, depending on the beholder. The art of living requires the same freedom that painting or writing requires, doesn't it my dear friend? HAPPY WEEKEND!

  3. She IS witty and wise. And I bet she can see a lotta world through those glasses!

  4. I adore people who are spontaneous! Love these photos. I think Iris must have thrown the phrase 'growing old gracefully' out the window and did her own thing.
    Thank you for your special and thoughtful comment on my blog. I am coming out of the lethargic winter blues, very slowly. It's been almost 90 degrees all over California, even in Cambria along the coast had 94 degrees three days ago, really crazy weather we are having.
    I think of you often, and know it is nice for you to have had your MIL there for a while, but there is something about the house waiting in the wings just for you when the visiting is at its close.
    I need to send you an email. We are headed to the coast tomorrow which is 125 miles away.
    Ta! Ta!
    with lots of hugs...

  5. Love this my friend...Happy is where it's at! Hope you are very very well...sorry I have not been around for awhile...hope to pop back soon. xoxo Take care and sending you oodles of blessings from Canada.

  6. haha, I have always loved fashion, but having humor and happiness is better than all the good looks in the world.
    I loved this post, Irina.




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