Friday, April 13, 2012

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Pinterest: unknown

Pinterest: unknown


  1. Thanks Irina... beautiful...and full of light and hope...
    grande abbraccio...

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    We are on the same wavelength here my dear......just fabulous as EVER!!!!!! LOVE! Anita

  3. Love that quote - and the rainbow picture is beautiful, I wish I could visit there!

  4. What a fabulous quote! Thank you for always keeping me inspired. I have been working to let my own muse free and create a little more. Thanks for that bit of wind that I need to lift me up!
    Big hugs to you,

  5. How absolutely true is that first quote. I have an energy right now, maybe because I know that soon I will be FREE, but then again, maybe the energy comes from the anticipation of the challenge....whatever it may be, it is so good to know friends are supportive...LOVE TO YOU MY DEAR! Anita

  6. I agree with our dear friend Anita...this is so are lucky to be so close to each other. Hugs to you my friend.

  7. Ah Irina it is magic to hit that place isn't and imagination...a fabulous quote you have found! Thank you so much for your came on my birthday!!! Have a fabulous day dear Irina...sending Hugs your way...Dzintra xoxo

  8. Beautiful and inspiring! It's true, when the inspiration hits so does the creativity and energy. I have so many dreams falling over themselves in my heart and mind. I just need to single out the one that will bring the most life, and put my hand to it


  9. fun pictures!!
    and how true is that quote..i see it easily in my kids...they have so much energy when they are doing something they like.

  10. Hi, Irina
    I used to drive through the Santa Barbara mountains and I just KNEW there were unicorns living in the lush undergrowth! So, I adore the photo of the unicorn. Such magical creatures! I think if a person believes in unicorns, they sky is the limit as to what they can accomplish in they already believe in their creativity will soar with magic!
    Does that make sense? To believe in fairies has the same affect. Like Peter Pan never growing up! The spirit is always young with youthful inspiration and passion to keep reaching for the stars! I say to live life to the fullest and reach for your dreams, no matter how long it takes to reach them, don't give up!!!
    Thank you for this inspiring post!

  11. Hello dear friend!

    How are you? Are you having a great week? I love this quote! You always find the best inspirational quotes.

    Thank you for coming to visit me! Did you make the chocolate cupcakes for your sisters birthday?

    Have a great day, xoxo Elizabeth

  12. Irina!
    I feel like the worst friend lately...I have no time for anything, as I'm sure Anita has told you.
    I'm going a million miles per hour in every direction!!
    This is another beautiful post, my friend. I NEVER leave here without a huge smile on my face. :)
    Please stop by my blog and see WHY I've been "MIA" for so long... hahaha Talk about a labor of love...
    I would LOVE it if you and Anita could come here and see it in person. CAN YOU IMAGINE the fun we would have?????? I hear a road trip calling you... :) :)
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend. xoxo

  13. LOVE it!!!!! Delightfully inspiring : )

    and I have goose-bumps as the music plays!

    ~ Violet

  14. sending you oooodles of joy for a great weekend.

  15. Oh Irina~
    You are so kind to come and visit me! Thank you for your beautiful compliments (especially those about my children :)
    It is truly my dream to one day have you and Anita come for a visit. I can only imagine what FUN we would have...and I'm sure we'd be like three teen-age girls laughing and carrying on!!! :) :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed it becomes a reality one day ...
    Thank you for such beautiful, kind words from such a beautiful person. xo

  16. Oh dear sweet Irina...thank you so much for calling in with your beautiful birthday wishes...always such a pleasure to see that you have come over...Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of beauty...Much Love, Dzintra xoxo

  17. Hi Irina,
    Just popping back over to
    let you know that I am unable
    to reply to your comment via
    e-mail, as you haven't enabled
    your e-mail address in your
    Blogger profile, as I outlined
    in my latest post. If you could
    follow the steps and then let
    me know that you did via another
    comment, I will be able to see
    if it worked. This will allow me
    to return notes from my phone,
    which I do, often! Thank you
    for helping me {and others who
    are probably wanting to communicate
    with you this way, too}!

    xo Suzanne

    PS: The picture of the unicorn
    just gives me the shivers, it is
    so beautiful!

  18. Thank you, lovely. Perfect words as usual.
    Taking a little break, but I'm still visiting with bloggy friends and neighbors.
    Always good to stop by.
    Much love,

  19. Hi sweet friend....
    Sadly, I just rec'd your
    comment and it is still
    coming up as "no-reply
    blogger." After you
    select "Show Email," be
    certain to scroll to the
    bottom of the page and
    click the "Save Changes"

    xo Suzanne

    PS: I just love your music!

  20. Hi Irina ~
    Just got your e-mail.
    If you do not want to
    correspond with readers
    or blog writers, except
    by having them reply
    to any questions or
    comments that you leave
    them on one of your blogs,
    then don't change a thing.
    I just prefer it when the
    show e-mail has been enabled
    in a reader's Blogger profile,
    as it is easier {and I am more
    likely} to answer a question
    this way. Also, if the person
    who leaves a comment does
    not write a blog and has not
    enabled their e-mail, then there
    is absolutely NO way that I can
    answer their question/comment.
    Sometimes that is very sad, if
    what they have said is especially

    So, there you have it : )

    Hope your day is off to a great
    start. I didn't think we were
    supposed to see the sun, today!

    xo Suzanne

  21. Hi Irina,
    Just stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you. I have followed through and done a little creating, and I must say I do feel better for it. Keep inspiring!
    Big hugs to you,

  22. Hello!!!! I have been thinking of you all week! How are you? Are you winding dow the school year?

    I hope all is well and just wanted to say hi! Miss you!

    Elizabeth xox



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