Thursday, April 26, 2012




Quote by Leo Buscaglia


  1. Truest test of character, what we do when no one is looking, especially when we have no expectation or ulterior motive. Love, so simple yet grand.
    It's always wonderful visiting, Irina.

  2. Hello Irina:
    Oh how true it is in so many ways that kindness can come from those who are strong since they have no need to prove themselves to anyone or anything, especially to those who are vulnerable or without a voice.

    This is a lovely post!

  3. Beautiful and thought provoking as always. It has been one of those weeks where the waves seem to going over my head. It is always such a blessing to visit you.


  4. Hello my dear,

    How are you? What happened to your back? Are you feeling better! I hope so, I want you to take it easy o you do not over due it.

    Enjoy your weekend, you must try my cinnamon roll pancakes I think you would love them!

    I love this post, the little elephant and the rabbit are so cute, I love them.

    Take care, xoxo Elizabeth

  5. wow you have a magic place here. I wanted to congratulate you for the Versatile Blog award and now I see you fully deserve it. Beautiful work here :), congrats!!!

  6. Good morning my most beautiful sister!

    I saw this fabulous array of images yesterday but was unable to comment since I had to fly out the door! THAT WHITE know that is for ME!!!! WISHIHG YOU a perfect day of bliss my sweet. Anita

  7. That is how I got here to your lovely blog, following a link from another blogger who offered you a Versatile blog award, but I cannot remember who alas :(. Anyway I am so glad I found you because we feel and think very much alike :) least apparently. Kisses, I also like the other blog you have "The gipsy in me", it's magical :).

  8. Hello, Irina
    A very thought provoking post. What is sad is, sometimes, those who treat others badly, don't know any other way as they were raised that way themselves. Some people think that is the way the world goes around. They seem to have no clue how to be compassionate. It is not an excuse, though, however, as we all have our own choices as to how we treat those who are less fortunate than ourselves, including innocent animals. I try to remember to live in the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance( having an even temper). It is very difficult for me to treat anyone unkindly, it is not in my character to do so. I am more of a compassionate person, as when I see unfortunate circumstances in other people's lives it affects me greatly. So, I end up praying a lot for the less fortunate...which includes praying for those who never knew any differently than to be mean, growing up. They may be the most unfortunate of all. Bless you for posting these innocent animals...they are precious! (Hope you don't mind my synopsis!)

  9. Oh dear sweet beautiful that my stitching has touched you...that really moves me...Thank you so very much...Wishing you a lovely Dzintra xoxo

  10. Love these pictures so much. it's so true you can tell a lot about people by how they treat others, especially animals! Animals are amazing :)

  11. How true, and thought-provoking!

    and I love that horse image : )

    ~ Violet

  12. What a lovely collection of photos and words to remind us of love and gentleness, treatment of others. You always inspire, dear Irina.


  13. Just very tender and lovely....!:)
    Thanks for all yours beautiful posts....

    p.s. Dear Irina, I am very happy you read my poems and you speak italian...



  14. Love these quotes Irina, so very true! I just hate people, who are only kind to those, they want or expect something from, or who they are afraid of ... Very cute pix too!

  15. love the thoughts and the pictures...I agree with the lesson!

  16. Oh I am loving your message today my is soooo true and I wish the whole world would live like this!!!! Sending you much love this Monday. xoxoxoo

  17. Such beauty and wisdom in this post ~ the photos and the quotes. I will be pinning a couple of these (since I had not previously seen them on Pinterest). Thank you for a beautiful post. laurie

  18. Bonjour Irina!
    I have been absent in the blogosphere of late, but trying to catch up today. And how are you feeling? I do love that first quote so much, and also what Marcia said. The motto of my daughter's high school was "Character Before Career", which I also thought was good.
    Have a lovely week, dear!



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