Saturday, October 15, 2011


  1. Oh how this makes me feel so WELCOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dearest one, I just saw your lovely comment, as well as the others such as Violet and others I correspond with via email. Yes, my email from Bethel is totally DERANGÉ, thanks to the attempt to migrate my email to Google Apps. I spent all my blog posting time on Thursday night with the helpdesk at Bethel, to no avail. I cannot get into the email, neither can new messages come in. If I change my email to hotmail or gmail, I am thinking that I need to back track to Etsy and Paypal to change my email....I guess that is not too bad, but it will just require a couple of hours of my time......ahhhhh... which I am being so selfish with lately! I am so tired; I was unable to post last night because I just came home so exhausted. Ruben looked at me and saw it in my eyes that I am just wiped out. I did NOT get your message about Sunday.....perhaps you can call me this weekend when you get a chance... I cannot locate your phone number!!!!!!!!

    DEAREST, thank you for always sending some sunshine! BISOUS, Anita

  2. Such a lovely and wonderful sentiment. I hope that you are lucky enough to have several wonderful friends come to chat, eat, share and laugh on a regular basis.

    Have a beautiful weekend with your family and friends,

    Xo elizabeth

  3. I love my blog friends!
    They make me smile!
    The delectable goodies look scrumptious and divine!
    Why, yes? I'll have a few bites! Yumm!
    Thank you for this sweet post and the maidens in the portrait are so gorgeously dressed!
    Have a lovely week!
    Teresa in California

  4. Yes, that is a lovely sentiment, Irina. And today I went to my friends house for our weekly Bible study, and she had prepared a beautiful potage with pistou and homemade bread, and muffins, and when we said 'Oh, this is too much!" she said, "No, It blesses me to have you all in my home!" And isn't that the truth? I love your so pretty images and I'm going to pin them!
    And thank you so much for your sweet visit to French at Heart!!!
    bisous, ami

  5. Irina,

    You are going to love the pumpkin shells. They are delicious and so easy. I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.

    I cannot believe flurries tomorrow, you just had record heat!

    Take care and enjoy.

    Xo elizabeth

  6. What a wonderful inspiring photos..isn't that first quote so true! Sending you ooodles of love today. xoxoxo
    Love visiting you



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