Tuesday, October 11, 2011



    My favorite contemporary musician, my FAVORITE TYPE OF HORSE, and a mushroom cottage? ALL ROLLED UP INTO ONE BLOG POST????? I could sit here all day dearest. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This where I want to be.....and John Lennon seems like another soul that RUBEN would have gotten along with well....sassy, creative, BRILLIANT!!! teeeheeee

    LOVE YOU! And I can't wait to see you! Anita

  2. AND...I forgot the most wonderful of all....THAT WINGED HORSE! Do you know, that this is my "dream"? To ride a white winged horse. I was on a white horse when I was about 13. I had LONG LONG HAIR and every one said I looked like LADY GODIVA! Except, I was fully clothed in my jeans and t-shirt! THANK YOU FOR THIS DOSE OF JOY TODAY!

  3. Dearest..

    You must go visit an old blogger friend that has changed her name and had been out from blogland for about 8 months. SHE IS SO MAGICAL. Her blog is now scaled down a bit, but she is out in England and has a magical way about here. If you get to know her, she is a sweet and very gentle soul....


  4. Oh dear! Look, I am here so much!!!! But this was a feast for MY senses....thank you dearest for visiting me again and I SAW A BUNCH OF US FRIENDS AT YONKS!!!! Even Lisa went!

    See you tomorrow for our group hug!!!! Anita

  5. i am completely enthralled with you lovely world here!!!!! and i know that i will now not be able to keep away :)

    hello my lovely Palomasea
    i am so happy you came to find me (via our enchanting friend Anita). i found the animation on YouTube... here is a link to another wonderful creation from Yuri Norshteyn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqhmFH1Xja0 i am sure you will enjoy it :)

    a sweet day to you dear lady xxx

  6. those words from John Lennon made a tear roll down my face. they are so beautiful and so wise.

  7. i am glad you vited my garden :)
    i will go look at your other blogs later today

    have a beautiful afternoon xxx

  8. I do not know what happens to my comments. Blogger is so crazy sometimes.

    First let me say again that I love this post! I am a believer in the spirit of Christmas and of course the wonderful st. Nicholas. That if we did not have angels to watch over and guide use where would we be and who doesn't want to believe that at the bottom of every mushroom and toadstools that there is a little family of pixies?

    I am so happy that you liked the pumpkin pie white hot chocolate. What a treat to share on a cool evening with your precious daughter.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend,




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