Sunday, February 9, 2014


  1. Oh, I love this quote so much. I am a dreamer as well, and my dreams often come true. This picture with the dots on the water and sky is so cool.

    Your blog always speaks to me.


  2. Now, this is a great quote Irina - so true! Thank you for your sweet visit today, made me smile! My intrenet still doesn't work, but - patience .... Many hugs from M.

  3. Beautiful quote! Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you are doing well! It is always lovely to hear from you!
    Jennelise xx

  4. Hello my dear Irina.

    Happy Valentines day! I hope you are well and surviving the cold snowy winter. I am still in Wisconsin and love being with my family.

    Thank you for coming to visit! I have missed you.

    Xxoo Elizabeth

  5. Wonderful quote! :)

    Hope you are well and had a great weekend!

  6. Oh, yes! I dream all of the's the 'doing' that's the hard part!
    Ah! Miss was Anita who introduced me to her too. And yes, I have seen the beautiful video of Miss Clara's home....Divine, ethereal inspiration!
    Hope you are staying cozy and warm during Minnesota's blustery winter.
    and many hugs,

  7. Irina!
    This is a fabulous place...Witty and it!
    Your visits are always sweet, hope your are warm
    and can't wait to see your creation for the journal!
    Happy Thursday, my friend!

  8. Oh Irina Sarah is one of my very favourite Authors...I just adore Simple really speaks to me!

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend...our evenings are getting darker earlier now! Spring is on her way to Dzintra xo

  9. Isn't that the truth? :) Lovely quote.
    I've been loving your "pins" much beauty! I am especially honored you have chosen Bilancia Designs to be amongst your favorites. I am truly humbled, my friend. Thank you so very much.
    I just finished creating many lovely designs for a beautiful bridal expo yesterday in a glorious, old mansion...which was superb in attendance AND exposure. So many talented vendors!
    Today I am simply relaxing: no phones, no visitors, just SILENCE...and I might add, I will stay in my pj's all day after all that hard work! ha ha
    Hope you're enjoying a relaxing day, as well...
    Sending you much love,
    Lisa xoxoxo



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