Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Sand and Frederic Chopin by Adolf Karpellus

Puppets created by George Sand and her son...1847


  1. Lovely piece of music :)

    Hope you are well and having a nice weekend! :)

  2. WOW. Chopin is one thing....but George Sand? She IS brilliant, and I had no idea she created hand-made items such as these puppets??????? Well then, it's O.K. to flit around from one art to another; I was wondering what was "wrong" with me since I enjoy dabbling in many artist outlets from reading and writing (mainly) to creating little items of whimsy to playing my harp. Oh the life of chasing that artistic calling; it is wonderful.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL POST my most devoted and special sister! And thank you for your kind words on my post. Anita

  3. wow, to learn of this woman! I had seen her pictures in the past and heard the name but never put them together, thank you! yes, artists shed light into the human it.

  4. Thanks dear Irina. I was unfamiliar with this artist's beautiful works, but I am totally enthralled now! I can't wait to learn more about her. You always have a great message for me!

  5. Such a pretty post, Irina.
    I love the music. It was a sweet reminder of when I played the piano. I played that piece. ;) of course not that good.
    I hope you are well. I love visiting you.


  6. You have been on my mind for a week now but I am just now having a minute to come to see you! I hope that you are enjoying your summer holiday with your daughter! Have you been to visit Wisconsin?

    I hope you are well! Enjoy your week, xox Elizabeth

  7. I think many of us bloggers are artists in some way or another. Thank you for shedding light into my heart whenever I come over and visit.




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