Wednesday, May 8, 2013

 Childe Hassam
 Josephine Wall


  1. Life is such a cycle, isn't it my dear? Oh so wise is Maya, and the art you have chosen, so apropo, with the LIGHT shining in through the window. THANK YOU! Now I must run off to Cornelia! Anita

  2. Beautiful words by Maya dear Irina....yes and how true....I do love it when everything is in harmony and rhythm....I hope your Spring is warming up now for you...we are having a delicious Autumn over here...just the right amount of coolness! Sending a big wave across the ocean to Dzintra xo

  3. Beautiful words and images. Love how gorgeous the images look on the page even more so now, love. In tune with our to day renewal of the mind. xoxoxo
    Happy Mother's Day, friend. I think it's every day, but enjoy Sunday nonetheless.

  4. You always seem to find the most poignant phrases that touch that kindred spirit within all women. As women we all need this kind of encouragement to be ourselves and to ponder what is coming next in our lives that will further enrich our journey...whether it be a new art form we want to try, or that novel we have been trying to finish for three years! One day at a time, one step at a time, one inspiring thought at a time. And to follow our dreams continually...for to dream awakens one to the reality of life.
    ;) Smiles!
    Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to you and thank you for your sweet thoughts!

  5. Such a lovely quote. I hope you're having a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Happy Mother's Day dear Irina,
    What a beautiful post..
    Thank you for your visit and kind words.
    Merci cher ami

  7. Hello my dear! How are you? Are you waiting for beautiful summer days? I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your precious girl, and the rest of your family.

    This is a beautiful quote, it makes one wonder why for so many years we try to be someone we are not and then with the wisdom of age and experience we find ourselves.

    I hope you have a beautiful week, Elizabeth xx

  8. Good morning dear Irina,
    Thank you for visiting.... Yes, that is how I wish I could draw too.. She is really something... Can't wait till Friday, see you there, and thank you for such a beatufiul post... Such a beautiful quote.
    love you

  9. Awwww....such a lovely quote...Maya is one "smart cookie". Hope you are very well my feels like ages since I popped in to say has been so so busy lately! I am thinking it will be that way until school is out. Happy weekend dear one!

  10. Great Quote Irina! And - thank you for your sweet visit the other day. Am back now and making my rounds. Hope your weekend is filled with pretties! xx

  11. I adore these pictures. I just recently did a post with a few of the same pictures. And Maya Angelou is my favorite. Something we have in common, dear.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. I love this quote! The image beautiful.
    Classic Irina. I love it!



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