Friday, March 15, 2013

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  1. Dear Irina,
    thank you so much for your kind visita and nice comments! I still have problems sometimes, to leave a comment here, i really don't know why. Love the quote above which is so strong and true. You always find such great inspiration and this is what i needed to hear today. Happy friday to you!

  2. On this particular day, reading that beautiful quote has brought tears to my eyes...but they are good tears, cleansing tears.
    Thank you for always being an inspiration and encouragement, dearest friend. Your page is a breath of fresh air. It feels like a safe refuge in the midst of so much noise and busyness, not only in blogland but all around us. I like such intimate quiet places...treasures. That is why I always visit you (and I know I've said this before) when I am not rushed.
    Have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  3. Dearest Irina....what wonderful words...lately sometimes I have tried to stop and think of the positive in a negative situation...that makes one think quite hard! But, it can work!

    I will have to check p 52 now to see what you are preparing to make...I know I made some green curry paste and it wasn't too hard...perhaps you would like me to send you the recipe? Yes I think curry pastes are different...I needed some one day and the one I had I think was too old. I looked up a recipe for one, happened to have the ingredients and voila, I did it. I also now have some in the freezer!

    Bon Appetit, so looking forward to seeing your meal...Love Dzintra xo

  4. Oh I am back...yes p 52 looks wonderful....I'm hungry and I haven't even had breakfast yet....Bon Appetit to you dear Irina....Dzintra xo


    The joy of KNOWING YOU and being able to speak to you about such matters, and more! To know you, to see you, to really SEE that you live this way is remarkable, and has been a gift to me in the sense that NOT ALL of the relationships in the world are this blessed; how many times in one's life do they REALLY see a person live as divinely as possible? Very slim chances. But I have been blessed to know YOU.

    Fabulous quote my sister. And....will you be at the Hoppy Hour demain? teehee...we will! LOVE YOU! Anita

  6. A beautiful quote my it is soooo true! Sending you oodles of love for your weekend.

  7. Blessed sister! Thank you again for coming over today! Wasn't it rich to see each other again yesterday? And the antics of that dear one sitting across from us...calling me and making my phone bark!!!!


  8. What a great quote! So good!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I got an email showing the comment you left on my last post, but when I go to the actual posting my blog it's nowhere to be found. Hmmmm...I think blogger is acting up. I know that happened to a comment that Anita left me once.

    I am feeling better with this pregnancy now. Not nauseous anymore. Thank The Lord! But, I have come down with a husband is getting over a bug and Maximus is hopefully going to be done with his shortly. I guess it's that time of year. haha...

    I hope you're having a good weekend!

  9. Oh Irina I am so looking forward to your dinner tonight! Yumm!!!!!!
    With the baked beans I put the cheese under the have now spurred me on to try chunks of cheese on top! Bon Appetit....Dzintra xo


    You came by today! And is it not such a gorgeous and sunny day today? WOW! We are OFF to see the bunnies in a few minutes! I can't wait!

    I will see you tomorrow at the usual spot! And I think you should start up a poetry corner, in honor of our Brit friend who LIVES IN PROVENCE! He holds his soirées on his patio while his friends sip wine, nibble on cheese and speak poetry. How about it? LOVE THE IDEA!

    Much love, Anita

  11. Dear Irina~
    Do you know I hand lettered this quote in Calligraphy almost 25 years ago? It's one of my favorites...
    Just came by to say hello, dear friend.
    Hope you are well.
    Think SPRING. We had snow again today. :(
    Lisa xo



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