Tuesday, December 11, 2012

* William Shakespeare *

Kinuko Craft
(thank you, dear Lady)


  1. Very wise words dear Irina from the man himself! Hope all is well in your world....I can't believe it's Christmas next week...the year has just flown by. I thankfully managed to do another cook up before damaging my knee again *sigh* so I'm on a go slow at the moment. Sending Love and Hugs your way...Dzintra xo

  2. That quote is a very good motto to live by!

    Hope you are well :)

  3. ABSOLUTELY. This is the Golden Rule to me, wrapped up nicely by one of my favorite artists!

    Sweet friend, it was refreshing to see you yesterday! MUCH LOVE, Anita

  4. Love All Trust To A few. Do Wrong to None.
    I believe in love for the genuine good.
    Thanks Irina!

  5. Words to live by for sure - as are some of the other quotes I revisited on this blog. I too am getting caught up - a welcome respite from any number of other things I could be doing at this busy time of year. Your kind words always inspire me to dig in and manifest what it is I wish to accomplish. I'm grateful for your compassion and support dear friend. Happy Holidays!

  6. Good morning my darling sister! Thank you for coming to sit in on that conversation of the stars...we never know who is watching us, do we? teehee...

    I think Blogger has been having hiccups! I have never had problems leaving comments, but I have been having difficulty getting into blogs lately! Thank you for attempting it and for coming back. I SO HOPE you are able to come on Sunday. We look forward to a magical evening my dearest. BISOUS! Anita

  7. From the master himself! Brilliant! And so true. I hope you are well and, enjoying this festive time of year, Irina! Happy Holidays!
    Sending you warm greetings ~

  8. Lovely Scarborough Fair rendition.
    Mourning the loss today of the precious lives in Connecticut.
    Prayer hardly seem good enough to ease the tragedy.

  9. That Mr. Shakespeare was a smart man...but I do hope we can trust more than a few. With all the bad out there...I know in my heart the good makes up for it with oodles of good leftover. Hugs for a very merry and bright day my friend...soak up the JOY today. xoxoxo

  10. Such great advice, Irina. If we could just follow that golden rule and treat others as we want to be treated the world would be a much better place.
    Thanks for visiting dear friend. I'm wishing you the happiest and most blessed Christmas ever.
    Hugs and happy holidays,

  11. "....do wrong to no one." Golden rule, no matter who you are, what culture, language or religion. That is what it all boils down to at the end, isn't it my dear?

    Thank you for coming to visit me. Anita

  12. Thank you for visiting me tonight my friend...the little paper lanterns were hot glued {just a wee amount is of hot glue is needed on each one} on but tape would work fine too. Sending you blessings for an joyful week.

  13. you are very welcome :-).....wise and witty words . love.



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