Thursday, September 6, 2012


  1. Hello Irina:
    These are indeed wise words to take us into the weekend which, we very much hope, will be a happy and relaxing one for you.

  2. Happy Weekend dear friend! How are you? I hope you enjoyed your day with Anita! I wish I had been there too!

    I have missed you in blogland this all well?

    Take care, xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Oh my dear, dear friend....there is so much love in every post you make. The quotes, DIVINE. The images, inspiring, and always with a smile at the end. THOSE DOLPHINS! Oh, you know how I feel about water.....I LOVE it, but to immerse myself in its depths, well we discussed that! But I would LOVE to go down deep in order to behold such creatures as these two sweet looking wonders!!!

    What a fun Thursday I had! Talk soon, Anita

  4. To see your comment appear on my page is always like a blossom in spring....fresh, colorful and well-anticipated. Your support is beyond....CHOPIN, FRIEND, much better could an autumn afternoon get.....LOVE


  5. Dear Irina,
    Forgive me for not coming over before.. I thought I had.. Great quote!
    I love the dolphins.. They are such beautiful creatures of the sea.
    I hope your weekend was enjoyable.
    Blessings dear friend,

  6. Beautiful pictures as always! I love the photo of the dolphins, such lovely creatures :)

  7. hope your week is going well my friend....xoxox

  8. Oh Sweet Irina those awesome are they...across the winter we had some here at our beach..they are just adorable creatures...A lovely post my friend...Hugs across cyberspace to you...Dzintra xo

  9. Hi Irina.... :)
    Beautiful pictures and message :)))
    Thank you for your visits to my blog :))
    baci, virginia

  10. I totally agree, Irina. Some of the most intelligent people / creatures I know might not be the most educated. An eduction certainly can't hurt :)

  11. Happy Happy Sunday Wishes
    and I am happy you liked
    that post...I keep reading
    it over and over...because
    I too have to be reminded!

  12. Lovely images...and profound words.
    Where does the time go, Irina??
    I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by! I barely blink and the week is gone...
    I truly love the work that I do but sometimes I find myself wishing for the good old days when I had TIME to do whatever it is I want.
    I guess I need to stop and smell the roses, as they say (or is it coffee??? Yes! It must be coffee! That's how I stay awake from working these long weeks!! LOL)
    Wishing you a beautiful week with cool Autumn breezes... xoxo

  13. Good morning beautiful sister!

    Did you like the blackbirds flying? Birds need to fly, not be caged in....artists need to soar, not be they? Yet it is necessary, I suppose, to use see what people really want so that the artist can LIVE. Oh, there is so much to learn about being a free spirit who can live off of their dreams! LOVE YOU! Anita

  14. Dear Irina, thanl you for visiting and your sweet comment! I tried to comment here before, but my comp at home didn't do it - so lovely your post here- witty and wise ;) xx



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