Saturday, July 7, 2012

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  1. Dear Irina
    I love the quotes... What a beautiful post!
    A smile is the laughter of your heart and when given to others is a gift in itself. Such a little thing that means so much..
    Thank you dear friend for coming over and leaving such kind thoughts about my humble little giveaway. I am honored that you wish to be a part of it.
    Blessings to you this fine day.

  2. Hello dear friend! How are you? I have been thinking of you all week! I hope you are enjpying you summertime with your daughter!

    Have you been baking? Try the malt brownies! Delicious.

    Xxoo Elizabeth

  3. And I am smiling RIGHT NOW, as I come to visit YOU, my dear and special friend. Just taking a BREATHER ( I cannot bear the fumes of that primer!) and then back to the painting....ISN'T OUR WEATHER PERFECT TODAY??????? LOVE! Anita

  4. Oh my goodness!

    This post made me smile. I love the photo of the little one holding the puppy. It made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.

    Hugs to you dear Irina!

  5. Such a beautiful post dear Irina.
    I left a comment this afternoon, must be floating around blogland.
    Thank you so much for your very kind words and entering my humble giveaway.. I am truly honored.
    Wishing you a beautiful day dear friend..
    Sending you a smile....

  6. Sweet, sweet, sweet! These quotes are so true. You make me smile, Irina. :)

  7. Such lovely smile pictures! I really like the one of the little boy and the dog - so cute!

  8. Dear Irina...this post made me smile along with that little smiley on the beach from my beach over to you a great big smile for a wonderful week to follow...hugs, Dzintra xoxo

  9. Hello, dearest Irina
    Ah! Smiles. The other day I was out and about and it seems like there were lots of people smiling while I was at the post office and grocery store. Just waiting in line, people were makes all the difference in the world!
    I am still creating your pillow. I'm trying to get everything I want on the pillow to 'come together' and I am waiting for one final touch which should arrive in the mail. It is fun creating goodies for my friends! I have a small shoe box full doll making fabrics and goodies my friend who lived in France sent to me a year before she passed away suddenly...I cherish that box and also have every single one of her emails printed out on paper just as a reminder that our friends are precious.
    I traded a box with her too, as both of us knew each would cherish each others kindred spirit presents. To me, this is what life in the blogging world is all about; inspiration and encouragement around the world from our friends.
    Anita is making such wondrous ethereal creations! And I am so happy you and she are able to visit with each other in person!
    How truly marvelous that is!
    Have a truly special week, and I hope you are staying cool in this weather. My sister will be traveling to Minnesota in the next couple of days with her husband and kiddos as she travels across the U.S. to drive all the way to California (with short stops here and there). She will drop her husband off where he has been staying and working in Minnesota (near Vadnis Heights) and she will continue the journey. This is a long post, hope that is okay!!!
    love and hugs,

  10. Oh, Irina, that photo of the little boy looks just like our James Dean!!! Or like he did a few years ago. Now he's a grown up 6.5! But still, nothing is as sweet as the smile of a child!!
    Thank you for coming over to wish me a Bon Voyage!!! Mwah!!!

  11. Hi Irina,

    Thanks for your visit and for your sweet comments. I find that it's easier for me to blog about Maximus than to keep up with his baby book. I still need to add some things in there, but I don't like the "cookie cutter" stuff and the limited space, because I end up writing in the margins with arrows, etc. and my handwriting starts to get sloppy. LOL...but I guess both ways to document have there pluses. :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. You just made me smile Irina - your posts are always so inspiring and kind! Have a super day!

  13. Irina, I smiled through the entire post. Thanks for brightening my day. laurie

  14. Dearest Irina,
    What a treat is was to see you had been over to visit... Thank you so much for always thinking of me and leaving such sweet words of encouragement.. I am so happy you enjoyed them.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  15. isn't this just so true..a simple smile can mean so much! and it is contagious! smiles to you today.

  16. Hi Irena,
    Your photos and kind words incite warmth, friendship and smiles all around...... thanks for sharing your joy! xo



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