Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  1. Dearest Irina
    What a dear soul you are... I am honored and humbled that you would post little Bebe here along side Anita's exquisite shoes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear friend.

  2. Hello Irina:
    .....for hearts can contain whole galaxies of stars if only they are open to receive them....!!!

  3. OH MY.......again!!!!!!!

    You are a blessing. To be here with PENNY and St. Exupery is a HUGE HONOR...and that quote??? WISE. I have been struggling all week to capture my new LIFE. I do think that though the HEAD is of great and utmost importance, the heart must drive an artist to ARTIST. To sell? Well, that comes AFTER the creation comes to speak to the heart. Thank you for your constant support my dear heart of a friend and sister.

  4. Hello, Irina
    Did you know you won the French Style Pillow on my blog? (It will be similar to the one in the photo and I will be mailing it to you in about two weeks).
    I posted about you winning it on my blog post after Anita's Paris Party...and I sent you an email too. Maybe my email got lost. Soooo...I am leaving you a message here, dear heart...
    Here is my email address: as I need your snail mail address, pretty please, with stars sprinkles on top!
    hugs and smiles ; )

  5. penny and anita are both so magical! and 'the little prince' is a lovely story :)

    thank you so much for your visit and sweet words xx all is well in catkin cottage, the birthday celebrations have been lovely. my son and daughter have been taken to the cinema today, giving me a few hours to get the house a little more sorted. what with the move and the party, it's does look rather dishevelled. the baby has still not arrived but is expected any time now, my little granson is getting impatient to meet his new sister. he is only three and knows the baby is in his mummy's tummy and that it grew there. when i was his age and my baby brother was born, i was told that my mum bought him from the hospital. i can remember being cross with her,at the time, for buying a boy because i had really wanted a baby sister.

    and how are you fairing dear one? i hope all is well in your world.

    sending much love and sweet peas xxx

  6. What a great quote!!! Oh my goodness...those shoes of Anita's are gorgeous!!! And I think that little bebe is so dang 'cute!!!

  7. and you also
    my creative friend...
    have a wonderful
    weekend...and yes
    an image caught
    while wandering
    an old neighborhood.

  8. Sweet Irina,

    The gorgeous shoes by the talented Anita and precious little Bebe seem intertwined in a story... J'adore Le Petit Prince!

    I could even imagine little Bebe flying away in one of those magical slippers of gold and azure!


  9. Good morning my sweet sister. To see your comments is always a breath of fresh air. How lovely of a morning we are having at this moment, at 6:45am, Friday. We are off to get some housework done then I go for a routine doctor's appointment today. I hope to get SOME art done somewhere in there!

    LOVE YOU! Anita

  10. So magical...Anita's creations are amazing! Thank you for your sweet are blessed to be in the same city as Anita so you both can enjoy each other's company.
    Hugs for a wonderful weekend .xoxox

  11. As always, beautiful words and beautiful images.
    Thought I'd visit Witty and Wise today because I just had an egg and could not resist a visit. hee-hee

    Have a magical day, my friend.

  12. Warm greetings dear Irina!
    How wonderful to see you had come by for a visit. Thank you so much for your encouraging words dear friend.
    She is a brave little soul..teeee more so than I ever could be.
    Happy Sunday!
    Big HUG!

  13. Oh, the talented Anita and Penny, together with Antoine! Yes, you do Love GORGEOUS!!!
    Will be picturing you having summer fun with Anita. Don't get into trouble together!!! TeeHeee!

  14. I think I agree with Maya Angelou!



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